Quality Criterias

• Continuous improvement and internal quality programs in place

• Contribution of quality to profitability and shareholder value

• Average number of hours monthly that employees receive quality training

• Scrap and rework as a percentage sales

• Warranty costs as a percentage of sales

• Registration to various standards such as ISO

The Tradition Continues

April Plastics has built on our mold technologies leadership by focusing on high quality throughout our organization and our broad line of products and services.

• Employees trained to embrace and support quality

• Quality processes implemented across all levels and departments

• Numerous quality programs in everyday operations



April Plastics conducts stringent testing before, during, and after the injection molding process. Our process involves Material Property and Thickness Analysis, Tensile, Hardness, Color and Load Testing, and the use of Spectrometers (and some more additional tests are being outsourced at TURKAK acredited formal institutions) to ensure your parts optimum performance regardless of final application. Providing customers with the latest in testing technology enables us to improve the quality of your products through early detection of material deficiencies and provides more detailed part information for process improvement.