April Plastics expertise in injection molded parts spans two decades. Focusing our effords on adding value to applications and process innovation has made us a leader in plastic parts manufacturing. Our plastic components and injection molded parts have been selected for use in entire product families.

Our hands-on approach to customer service exemplifies our overall commitment to service excellence.Flexibility to meet diverse customer needs. From complex plastic parts manufacturing to time sensitive production, we are ready to assist.

April Plastics Advantage;

A culture of excellence guides our Engineering and production particles.

To us, service excellence is as much about the experience as the part itself.

Our production capabilities allow us to manufacture complex, injection molded plastic parts to support innovative product concepts.



Designing Parts, Molds and Processes with Automation

April Plastics considers robotics and automation in plastic injection molding one of the 5 Keys to Success for engineering out cost and engineering in quality and optimal performance for plastic injection molded parts. With robots on all injection molding machines company-wide including 3-Axis, 6-Axis high-speed side entry robots, April Plastics is committed to increasing the speed and reliability of our plastic injection molding operations.

As such, use of robotics and automation are a critical component of the part and mold design, plastic injection molding process and integrated operations upstream and downstream of the molding process.


Whether simple or complex applications, effective integration of robotics and automation in plastic injection molding provides numerous advantages for our customers, including:

• Enhanced and consistent part quality

• Reduced molding, labor and part costs

• Less part-to-part variations and waste

• Increased machine utilization and consistent cycle times for producing injection molded parts more quickly and efficiently

April Plastics also has sufficient area and possibility of new investment  and capability for the requirements of assembly works.